EQAS HIV-Hepatitis Program


Program providing monthly qualitative and/or quantitative measurements of key HIV and Hepatitis markers tested in the serology laboratory

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  • Liquid, human source material
  • Suitable for serological tests used to detect key HIV and Hepatitis viral antibodies and antigens
  • A qualitative and quantitative program is available
  • Submit results and view reports each month through EQAS Online
  • 12 x 2 mL


  • Anti-HAV
  • HAV IgG
  • HAV IgM
  • Anti-HBc
  • HBc IgM
  • Anti-HBe
  • Anti-HBs
  • Anti-HCV
  • Anti-HIV-1
  • Anti-HIV-1/2
  • Anti-HIV-2
  • Anti-HTLV-I
  • HBeAg
  • HBsAg
  • HIV-1

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