EQAS Blood Typing Program


Program providing a qualitative assessment of key immunohematology parameters; three samples are tested every four months for a total of 9 samples per annual cycle. Educational case studies at no additional charge

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  • Ideal for clinical lab, blood bank and transfusion center testing needs
  • Barcoded and ready-to-use tubes for automated platforms
  • 3 samples tested every 4 months
  • Submit results and view reports through EQAS Online
  • 3 x 4 mL Sample and 1 x 2 mL Donor (each shipment)


  • ABO Group
  • Antibody Identification
  • Antibody Screen
  • Antigen Typing
  • Compatibility (Cross-match)
  • DAT (Direct Antiglobulin Test)
  • Rh(D)

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