Fast RGA (1058) – Refinery Gas Components

ASTM D2163, ASTM D2504, ASTM D2598, ASTM D3588, EN ISO 7941, IP 405, ISO 7941, EN 15984, DIN 51666, GOST 31371

AC’s Fast Refinery Gas Analyzer by PAC Separates Inert Gases and C1-C5 Hydocarbons in 20 Minutes. AC Analytical Controls by PAC developed the Fast Refinery Gas Analyzer (RGA), a fast solution that determines the composition of refinery gases within twenty minutes.

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Product Highlights:

  • Characterizes the composition of refinery gases within twenty minutes
  • Allows the analysis of a broad sample scope
  • Uses the new Agilent Technologies 7890 Series Gas Chromatograph
  • Includes automated sample shut-off valve
  • Robust system uses inert tubing resistant to corrosive materials
  • Excellent detectability
  • The AC Gas and Liquid Sampling Device offers a variety of operational advantages


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