Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyzer (DHA)

PAC’s AC Analytical Controls offers a full range of Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyzers (DHA) to determine individual hydrocarbon composition in light hydrocarbon streams, gasoline blending feedstocks and spark ignition engine fuels. Understanding the composition of these hydrocarbon streams is essential for the refining industry.

DHA helps optimizing production, meet regulatory requirement and enhance Profitability.

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Product Highlights:

  • Full range of DHA applications comply with ASTM D5134, D6729, D6730 and D6733
  • AC Fast DHA application for optimized separations in 28 minutes
  • Unique Combi system permits the analysis of both light petroleum streams and the light end in crude oil
  • DHA Front End application uses the AC pre-fractionator for the analysis of the light end in crude oil conform IP PM-DL
  • Improved Ease of Use and more Flexibility
  • Applications are compatible with major chromatographic data systems
  • Independent from Chromatography data system
  • Multi-Language Support: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Korean
  • DHA Front End analysis results can be directly merged with High Temperature SIMDIS analysis in the SIMDIS software, for improved crude oil boiling point distribution results.
  • Predefined settings per sample type contribute to reliable peak identification

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