D7011 Thiophene in Benzene

The AC Analytical Controls Thiophene in Benzene application meets ASTM D7011 standards by determining trace thiophene in refined benzene by gas chromatography and sulfur selective detection. The analyzer allows fast, continuous analysis and demonstrates excellent performance results.

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The application resides on an easy-to-use Agilent Technologies 7890 gas chromatograph, configured with:

  • A split/splitless inlet (S/SL) for sample introduction
  • Electronic pneumatics control (EPC) for setting flow and pressure parameters
  • A sulfur selective detector (SCD) for signal generation
  • An automatic liquid sampler
  • A 30-meter capillary wax column


Product Highlights:

Extremely Accurate Reporting

  • Offers operator-independent results
  • Ensures data is within reproducibility limits of D7011 method
  • Allows unattended, continuous analysis through a high level of automation
  • High Throughput/Speed

Fast analysis time

  • Cycle time under 15 minutes


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