CRISPR Bacterial Genome Editing Service

CRISPR has rapidly become the genome editing tool of choice in many eukaryote organisms, however its use in bacteria has been limited until recently. Many bacteria do not possess robust DNA repair systems as eukaryotes do, and therefore CRISPR-induced double-stranded DNA breaks are lethal.

To improve recombination rates scientists have employed phage-derived (Lambda Red) recombinases to carry out enhanced homologous recombination – referred to as recombineering. When Lambda Red recombination is coupled with CRISPR it provides a powerful tool for selecting against non-edited cells, allowing for highly precise and efficient scarless genome editing.

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  • CRISPR-assisted gene knockout: Partial or whole gene deletion of your choice.
  • CRISPR-assisted gene knock-in: Tag an existing gene or knock-in a gene of interest.
  • Tried-and-true genome editing from expert scientists: see our Bacterial CRISPR Case Studies for more information.
  • Validated Safe Harbor locus allows for stable, single copy genomic expression of your gene or construct of interest.


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