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Stanhope-Seta is a global provider of Laboratory Instruments for quality control, analysis and calibration. With a product portfolio of over 100 testing instruments and 75 years of experience, Stanhope-Seta serves its customers with cutting-edge technology for today fuels & future fuels requirements.

Chemopharm Sdn Bhd as the sole distributor of Stanhope Seta in Malaysia has more than a decade provides its professional sales and after sales service support to customer in oil and gas industries.

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SETA Products

Flash Point Tester

Stanhope-Seta – Specialists in Flash Point testing for more than 70 years. Simply click the link here for more information about flash point testing.

Setaflash Series 3

Setaflash Series 8

Seta Multiflash

PM-93 Pensky Martens

Vapour Pressure

Vapour pressure is an important physical property of volatile liquids being used as a measure of potential evaporation rate. It is critical to automotive and aviation guidelines, affecting starting, warm-up and tendency to vapour lock solvents. In addition, it is tested to assist decisions on processing, storage and distribution of crude oil.


Seta Reid Vapour Pressure Bath

Crude Oil Testing

Crude oil testing is essential for reservoir monitoring and test results allow crude oil quality to be determined which help to place for its commercial value. Testing protocols include ASTM, ISO, IP and others. Find out more here.

Salt in Crude Analyser

Seta Oil Test Centrifuge

Cloud & Pour Point

Seta Cloud and Pour Point Cryostat

Seta Compact Cloud and Pour Point Cryostat

Seta Cloud and Pour Point Bath

Filter Blocking Tendency

Seta Multi Filtration Tester

Seta Cold Soak Test Bath

Seta Cold Filter Blocking Tester (CFBT & CSCFBT)

Carbon Residue

Micro Carbon Residue Tester


KV-2 Low Temperature Viscometer Bath

KV-6 Viscometer Bath

Saybolt Viscometer Bath

Air Release/ Foaming

Air Release Value Apparatus

Setafoam Dual Twin Foam Test Baths

4-Ball & Shear Stability

Seta Shell 4-Ball Tester- Autoload

Grease Testing

Stanomatic Dual Grease Worker

Seta Grease Drop Point Oven

Seta High Temperature Roll Stability Testers

EMCOR Test Machine

Water Washout Tester


Setamatic Penetrometer

Seta Universal Penetrometer

Fuel Conductivity

The velocity of Aviation Turbine and Low Sulphur Diesel fuels will impart electrical charge when flow through pipelines, dependent on the conductivity of fuels and the flow of velocity.

When high static electrical charge is accumulated, it can lead to spark discharge and ignition of explosive vapours. ASTM D2624 for Electrical Conductivity of Aviation and Distillate Fuels has been established by airlines and regulatory bodies as a primary test to ensure safe fuel storage and distribution.

For more information please click here.


Jet Fuel Handheld Conductivity Meter

In-line Conductivity Sensor FMc ATEX Ex Certified


There are 2 types of bath available for oxidation stability testing. There are different liquid fill baths and solid block heating baths suit for different test method and test application.

Click here for more info.

Oxi Solid Block Bath

Norma Hoffman Oxidation Bath

Seta Tost Bath

Oxidation Bath with Oxflo Controller

Seta Oxi-Corrosion Bath

Seta Hits Bath

Seta RoBot Bath

SetaAnalytics Products

Water Separation

Herschel Emulsifier

Water Separation Analyser

Particle Counting

Stanhope Seta able to provide solution for rapid particle count for different type of samples such as fuels, lubricants, liquid and air with different model of particle counters.

It is known that particle counting is important in determining the quality of sample. By knowing the size, distribution and number of particles, one can determine the cleanliness and suitability of sample for intended application.

Click here to for more information and view more about AvCount product profile here.

Seta AvCount 2

Seta AvCount Lite

Seta AvCount Lubes

Seta AvCount Air



H2S Analysis

H2S Analyser with Vapour Phase Processor (VPP)



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