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Thank you for coming over ! 

Follow the steps below to bring back your best best gift for this Raya. 


1) There are four package prices RM19.5K(G1), RM15K(G2), RM9K(G3), and RM8K(G4). Firstly, select the package that you are interested in.

Group Package Price
G1 RM19,500
G2 RM15,000
G3 RM9,000
G4 RM8,000

2) Then, select AN equipment in the selected G group item list.
3) Next, you may move on to the PWP item list and select AN item.
4) Furthermore, as for Raya Celebration, we are giving a Raya gift. The buyer can select One item from the Raya gift list.
5) Last but not least, a complimentary Raya biscuit will be given to the first ten customers.