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Specialty Pipettes

MICROMAN® is a fully adjustable, positive-displacement pipette that, together with its Capillary Pistons (CPs), will ensure accuracy and precision when pipetting problem liquids, and offer full protection against cross contamination.

DISTRIMAN® is the only continuously adjustable mechanical repetitive pipette with direct read-out available on the market. Used with Gilson DISTRITIPS® syringes, it is designed to simplify multiple dispensing.

REPETMAN® is a positive-displacement pipette. It recognizes automatically Gilson Repet-Tips. It allows continuous volume adjustment from 1 µL to 50 mL.

MACROMAN™ is a robust and reliable pipette controller for glass and plastic pipettes from 1 to 100 mL. It is designed to be easily operated and integrated into any modern laboratory requiring a high level of safety, ergonomics, and productivity.

PLATEMASTER™ is an amazingly easy to use, accurate solution for high throughput pipetting of 96 and 384 well plates.  Its compact and ergonomic design means it can be used anywhere and by anyone for fast, effortless and reproducible pipetting of 96 channels. PLATEMASTER helps save valuable time, money and resources in the lab, and is as intuitive to use as a manual pipette.

MICROMAN® E positive displacement pipettes, along with capillary pistons, offers the highest precision when pipetting problem liquids such as oils, cosmetics, blood, glycerol, radioactive samples, RNA, DNA, and more!

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