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Korea Standard is one of the biggest medical instrument manufacturer in Korea. Our main item is Automated Slide Stainer and its reagent kits. Especially we are proud of auto stainer product as the World Best product. Because launched our stainer in the market after solving all the problems existing stainers have.

SMART Auto Stainer

Korea Standard SMART Auto Stainer is a truly walk-away, highly efficient automated stainer which can process staining procedure for sample slides up to 40 slides per run & including drying step with minimum chemical hazardous exposure to user & provides reliable stained results.

Type of stains can perform:

  • AFB ( ZN/Kinyoun)
  • AFB ( Fluorochrome)
  • GRAM
  • H&E
  • Hematology
  • PAP
  • Dual Stains
    • AFB (ZN + F)
    • AFB (ZN) + Gram
    • AFB (F) + Gram

Special Formulated Reagents: Reduced Phenol

  • High Quality
  • Cost Effective
  • Low Carcinogenic Substance
  • Fast Stain Time

Types of reagent kits available:

  • AFB staining solution (Ziehl-Neelsen/Kinyoun)
  • AFB staining solution (Fluorochrome)
  • GRAM staining solution
  • Wright-Giemsa staining solution
  • PAP staining solution
  • DNA staining solution
  • H&E staining solution

Auto Stainer + Reagent Kits = Perfect Staining Solution