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DNA and RNA purification

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Plasmid DNA Extraction kits (NucleoSpin and NucleoBond)

Ultra-fast and easy to use kits for the isolation of plasmid DNA at Miniprep, Midiprep, Maxiprep, and up to Gigaprep scale. High-quality plasmid DNA purification kits lead to extremely reliable downstream applications especially for endotoxin free applications

  • Transfection-grade plasmid DNA purification kits
  • Transfection-grade, endotoxin-free DNA purification kits
  • Plasmid DNA concentration and desalting kit
  • Molecular Biology/sequencing –grade plasmid DNA purification kits

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Clean-up kits (NucleoSpin, NucleoTrap and NucleoMag)

NucleoSpin® Gel and PCR Clean-up is developed as a 2-in-1 kit allowing DNA fragments to be purified from enzymatic reactions, such as PCR, as well as from agarose gels.

  • PCR clean-up
  • Gel extraction
  • Genomic DNA clean-up
  • RNA clean-up
  • Dye-terminator removal
  • NGS clean-up and size selection

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RNA Extraction kits (NucleoSpin, NucleoZol and NucleoMag)

Mini spin kit for the isolation of RNA of highest integrity with rDNase included for easy and efficient removal of contaminating DNA.

  • RNA from cells and tissue
  • MicroRNA
  • RNA, DNA, and protein
  • RNA from blood
  • Total RNA from FFPE samples
  • RNA from plant
  • Poly(A) mRNA from total RNA
  • RNA clean-up

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Genomic DNA Extraction kits (NucleoSpin and NucleoMag)

Convenient isolation of high DNA concentration and purity from various samples: Blood and Biological Fluids, Plasma, Tissue and Cells, FFPE samples, Forensic samples, Plant and Fungi, Soil, Sludge and Sediment, Food and Feed.

  • from blood and biological fluids
  • from plasma
  • from tissue and cells
  • from FFPE samples
  • from forensic samples
  • from plant and fungi
  • from microorganisms
  • from soil and stool samples
  • from food and feed

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Viral RNA and DNA Extraction kits

Reliable purification of viral RNA and DNA from cell-free biological fluids.One kit for viral RNA and DNA purification.

  • Viral RNA / DNA from serum and plasma
  • Viral RNA / DNA and bacterial DNA from veterinary samples
  • Viral DNA from blood

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