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Cell Isolation, Cell Culture & Expansion

GE Healthcare has a steadily growing range of innovative solutions for cellular research and cell therapy research.

Cell Imaging & Analysis

GE Healthcare’s Cytiva and Cytell cell-based assays and cell models for drug discovery are valuable tools for revealing cell mechanisms at the molecular level.

Protein Purification (Chromatography)

For protein purification GE offers a complete solution of chromatography columns (prepacked, chromatography media, and empty columns) as well as an expandable range of chromatography systems for different applications.

Western Blotting

From routine protein detection to quantitative multiplexing WB analysis, Amersham offers a solution for everyone.

2-D Electrophoresis

GE Healthcare provides instruments, chemicals and staining reagents for 2-D electrophoresis which is a powerful and widely used method for the analysis of complex protein mixtures extracted from cells, tissues, or other biological samples.

Biomolecular Interaction Study

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is a phenomenon that allows real-time, label-free detection of biomolecular interactions.

RNA & DNA Research

We offer a range of kits for the extraction and purification of genomic DNA, plasmid DNA, mRNA, and total RNA from a large number of starting materials.


GE Healthcare has developed a range of products, platform technologies, and services designed to assist you with efficient and robust production in biopharmaceutical, such as monoclonal antibodies, hormones, vaccines, and plasma proteins.