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PCRmax is a company with close to 20 years’ experience in development, sales and support of market leading PCR systems and qPCR system. With the Delta Seek kits, PCRmax is establishing a custom and encompassing range of qPCR assays.

Speed. Confidence. Value. Sensitivity. Performance.

PCRmax Alpha Cycler


  • Options of either one, two or four independently controllable blocks (96 or 384 well blocks with gradient functionality)
  • Outstanding temperature stability
  • Innovative technology including USB drive as login device, QR code health checks, active sample cooling
  • Remote monitoring via Alpha Track App

PCRmax Eco 48 Real Time PCR System

Design & developed at the Caltech Laboratories of Nobel Laureate David Baltimore, the PCRmax Eco 48:

  • Utilises patented block and optical technologies to deliver extreme speed, sensitivity and data quality
  • Optimised protocol as fast as 15 minutes
  • Sensitivity down to 1 copy detection
  • HRM function
  • Utilises four colours for easy multiplexing
  • Validated with minimum volume of 5μl

PCRmax Delta Seek qPCR Reagents

  • Wide range of 500 qPCR detection kits
  • Every assay is expert designed, involving in-depth literature review followed by extensive bioinformatics analysis
  • The kits are optimised via a strict biochemical validation on synthetic oligos to ensure optimal PCR performance
  • Kits sold with/without Mastermix, contains 150 tests


qPCR detection kits by PCRmax

Human Pathogens
PCRmax supply a comprehensive range of all the commonly
tested infections and diseases. If your test is not available
contact PCRmax or your local dealer to enquire about getting
a custom kit made for you.
• Respiratory Infections
• Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Herpes Viral Infections
• Hepatitis Infections
• Human Papillomavirus
• Gastrointestinal Infections
• Vector-Borne Diseases
• Meningitis
• Periodontal Infections

Food & Water Testing
With ever increasing demands for clarity on the source and
type of products we are consuming, speciation and pathogen
detection kits have been generated to allow users to do
exactly that.
• Speciation
• Allergens
• Pathogen Contamination

Veterinary and Agriculture
We supply a wide range of veterinary and agricultural
pathogen detection kits, all offering a potentially significant
economic impact.
• Avian
• Bovine
• Ovine – Caprine
• Equine
• Feline
• Canine
• Porcine
• Piscean

Biothreat detection
PCRmax supply a small but key list of detection kits, aimed at
detecting some particularly harmful viruses and bacteria
• Japanese Encephalitis virus
• Slow Bee Paralysis virus
• African Horse Sickness
• Taï Forest Ebola virus
• Sudan Ebola virus
• Rift Valley Fever virus
• Reston ebola virus
• Zaire ebola virus
• Bacillus anthracis
• Yersinia enterocolitica