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Real Time PCR / qPCR

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biotechrabbit QPCR Green, Probe and One-Step QRTPCR Master Mixes are first-choice products for fast and easy real-time PCR setup. They contain all reagents required for real-time PCR and are designed to achieve excellent results in reaction efficiency, correlation coefficient and slope.
Intercalating-dye-based mixes, such as QPCR Green Master Mix, allow nonspecific detection of double-stranded DNA and are faster and more cost-effective than probe based mixes. Probe-based mixes, such as QPCR Probe Master Mix, can be used specifically or universally. However, more effort is required to design and synthesized specific probes. biotechrabbit QPCR and QRT-PCR products can be used with the fast and standard modes as well as for multiplex PCR. The mixes are available with passive reference dyes Rox™ (carboxy-X-rhodamine) or fluorescein to enable the correction of errors caused by the instrument.

  • High performance — rapid extension rate for early Ct values
  • Sensitive — increased limit of detection for quicker results
  • Compatible — use on any real-time PCR platform
  • Flexible — for standard and fast cycling consitions