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Eutech Instruments is a leading ISO9001-certified company dedicated to manufacture of sensor-based instruments for water quality analysis. We provide sales and service support for all range of our products over 70 countries worldwide. Today, Eutech is a pioneer in the development of ASIC-based (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) instruments, and is internationally recognised for its achievements in sensor technology.
BINDER is the world’s largest specialist company for simulation chambers used by scientific and industrial laboratories for the ideal simulation of biological, chemical and physical environmental conditions. Our range of products and services includes routine applications, highly specific studies in research and development, production and quality assurance.
The BioLine range features significantly higher performance and considerably more demanding specifications including monitoring and control systems than any commercial refrigeration and freezer equipment. The BioLine range provides you with ATEX compliance at no extra charge. BioLine biostorage cabinets comply with ATEX EN 60079-15 Zone 2 regulations covering electrical apparatus for use in explosive gas atmospheres.
Gilson is a global leader in Manual Liquid Handling equipment, providing a wide and reliable range including pipettes, pipette tips & services. Manufacturing precise & accurate instruments is Gilson number one priority. To pursue today’s technology, Gilson also supplying Motorized Pipette to ease the pipetting works & the latest “Pipetmax” as an automated sample preparation liquid handling.
Chemoresources is a comprehensive value-added supplier of furniture systems for the laboratory – from design, product development to installation and project management; and from standard box products to customization in order to meet customers’ needs and demands.
JULABO provides all services for temperature control – from product-development to after-sales-service, from prototype to production device. Your requirements are our focus: our powerful, user friendly temperature control instruments increase the efficiency of your workflow.
Being a complete one stop solution provider, Cole-Parmer provides lab and industrial instruments, research equipment and supplies along with products for life science, food safety, biofuels and more.
We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of laboratory equipment and analytical systems for food and feedstuffs.
As a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, we are an innovative and globally active company.
Mettler Toledo is a global provider of precision instruments and services for professional use. We are specialized in providing high performance, reliability and ease-of-use Laboratory Weighing Balance.