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Labtex Laboratory Scale Spray Dryer is a compact, extremely quiet, efficient and simple to operate laboratory spray dryer and yet the most economical methods of evaporation to reduce the liquid feed to solid powder particles complimented by the inclusion of CALgrafix process monitoring software.

ESDTi Spray Dryer

The cost effective solution

The model ESDTi is a cost effective solution for entry level spray drying incorporating all the features required for the testing and development of powders within the laboratory.


  • Two fluid nozzle with automatic de blocker
  • PID automatic control
  • CALgrafix process monitoring software
    • Enables access to detailed process data via the charting and logging features
    • Simple set-up; No programming skills required
    • Export logged data to other applications
  • Integral compressor
  • Single 13A power supply



  • Ease of cleaning
  • Robust design
  • Wide range of operating parameters
  • Simple service connections
  • ‘Plug and Play’



The most successful drying applications for spray dryers are for solutions, slurries and paste which:

  • Cannot be dewatered mechanically
  • Are heat sensitive and cannot be exposed to high temperatures for long periods
  • Contain ultrafine particles that will agglomerate and fuse if dried in any state other than a dilution