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Charles Ischi AG are the general distributor for Kraemer Elektronik (Germany) and maintains an international sales and service network for Kraemer&Ischi solid dosage forms testing technology equipment.

Quality Testing for solid dosage forms:
• Tablet Hardness Testers
• Weighing Systems
• Thickness Measurement
• Length, Width, Diameter
• Friability, Abrasion Testers
• Disintegration Testers
• API Content Uniformity


Compact, space-saving laboratory devices for efficiently identifying the physical properties of tablets, capsules, tablet cores and granules.


Semi-Automatic Tablet Hardness Testing Systems

Modular Tablet Hardness Testing System

You can tailor the basic tablet hardness testers (P2, P3, P4 and P5) to your needs with the practical ‘Plug & Play’ extension modules. This allows you to upgrade the semi-automatic basic devices to a fully-automatic testing systems at any time.


Manual Tablet Hardness Tester

Manual Testing Devices

The H-Series manual laboratory testing devices in the new LAB.line design combine the latest technology and usability. Rounded shapes, generous radii and smooth surfaces make them very easy to clean.


The Simple Manual Hardness Tester

Measure the hardness, length and width using the standard device. Print your test results directly to an external printer by using the USB port.

Abrasion & Friablity Testers

The abrasion and friability testing device consists of two test stations. If required, test drums can be equipped to test for wear due to rolling and falling or to test the abrasion of tablets, tabletcores, granules etc.

Automatic Disintegration Testers

With DISI-A, you control all operation and data analysis safely and easily via computer and PH21 software.

The system fulfills the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11. All operation procedures are password-protected and monitored continuously by the system. All relevant procedures, e.g. amendments to master data, calibration and much more, are automatically recorded in the log book (audit trail).

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