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Hei-VAP Industrial Large Scale Rotary Evaporators

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Industrial Evaporation
With the Hei-VAP Industrial series you  are always on the safe side with the safety enclosure protecting you and your glassware! You can operate the Hei-VAP Industrial just by yourself, change flasks in seconds and operate the unit with ease.


  • Brand-new EASY LOCK flask attachment allows for single-user safe flask exchange
  • A guard hood consisting of a metal frame and safety glass covers the bath completely while providing clear visible monitoring
  • Features level regulation system to prevent from spilling over and potential floods in lab
  • Unique self-aligning flask support system allows for immediate “one-person operation”
  • Non-visible heating coils guarantee the most convenient and fastest cleaning of the bath
  • Excellent user safety: condenser and receiving flasks are protected by high impact transparent PMMA doors
  • Intuitive touch screen control for ease of operation
  • Self-filling water bath takes the worry out of running dry
  • Save time with up to 250 pre-programmed profiles of up to 999 process gradients

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