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Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrers

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Powerful Stirring
The powerful Hei-TORQUE stirrers accomplish the most demanding tasks while providing the highest safety in combination with a unique user interface.

New features at a glance:

  1. Quick-chuck-Impeller changing made easy!
    • Key advantages:
      • Easiest impeller changing
      • No tools required
      • Powerful fixation
  2. Increase your safety with individual performance control for the Hei-TORQUE Precision models
    • Setting the preferred intensity of the start operation
      • Key advantages:
        • Avoids splashing
        • Increased flexibility
        • Limits forces on substances
    • Rotational speed can be limited
      • Key advantages:
        • Avoids splashing
        • Limits shear forces
    • Torque limit prevents damage to the impeller
      • Key advantages:
        • Avoids damage to fragile impellers
        • Reproducible applications
        • Limits forces on substances
  3. All Hei-TORQUE Precision models now have both, the RS 232 and USB interface!

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