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EUROIMMUN AG produces test systems and automation solutions for medical laboratory diagnostics. EUROIMMUN has extensive expertise in the fields of immunology, cell biology, histology, biochemistry and molecular biology. It produces test systems for the laboratory diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases, allergies, and gene analyses. In the foreground are test systems for the determination of antibodies, but also of antigens and genetic market in patient samples. They are based on both immunohisto-chemical and biochemical methods, such as indirect immunofluorescence, microtiter ELISAs and different blot techniques (Westernblot, EUROASSAY, EUROLINE, EUROLINE-WB), and techniques from molecular biology (microarray). EUROIMMUN bases its production on modern, state-of-the-art procedures and microanalysis techniques which partly carry worldwide patents. The company is amongst the leading manufacturers of medical laboratory diagnostic products.

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Infectious Serology