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Apex Gas Generators provide bespoke Laboratory gas generation products, from Laboratory Nitrogen Generators to Hydrogen Generators and TOC gas.

Zero Air

The Zero Air is designed to be a simple plug and play system for constant use within laboratories and other applications. They operate by using catalytic combustion of hydrocarbons in a source of compressed air with minimum power consumption and no moving parts.

The range introduces no impedance to the compressed air supply. The models are available in both bench-mount and rack-mount versions and can be supplied with or without compressors.

Zero Air, Characteristics:
• Hydrocarbon-free air to <0.01ppm • New catalytic technology
• Low Power consumption
• Space saving
• Modular system
• Flows from 1 I/min to 80 I/min with no flow loss.
• Output Pressure to 147psi (10 Bar).

Typical Applications:
•  Emission Analyser

High Purity Nitrogen Generator

The award-winning GeniSys NitroGenerator is a flexible and expandable Nitrogen Generator that produces flows from 1 to 10 l/min and simply produces nitrogen when you want it.

The NitroGenerator uses PSA technology for superior performance and reliability. A range of models is available to cover most applications. The larger units are fitted with castors to allow them to be manoeuvred easily into position below a bench top. All of the units in the range are built on a modular design to allow the capacity to be expanded upon.

• High Purity Nitrogen (up to 99.9995%)
• Compact and lightweight
• Low Power requirement
• Flow rates from 1 I/min to 10 I/min
• Output Pressure 80 psi (5.4 Bar)
• Stand-By Mode

Typical Applications:
• Vessel Leak Detection
• Ionisation (API-ms)
• GC-FID (Carrier gas)
• GC-FID (Make-up gas)

GeniSys MicroGeN2

The GeniSys MicroGeN2 Laboratory Nitrogen Generator produces flows of up to 200cc/min of high purity nitrogen. It has the smallest footprint of any nitrogen generator on the market.  GeniSys MicroGeN2 do not required the input of compressed air from other places in the lab as MicroGeN2 has an optional state-of-the art mini compressor and is still only 48cm high.

•  High Purity Nitrogen to 99.9995%
•  Very compact and lightweight construction
•  Low Power requirement
•  Easy installation and no regular maintenance required

Typical Applications:
• Gas Chromatography (GC)
• “Fast GC”
• Flame Ionisation Detection (FID)
• Ionisation (API-ms)
• Photonics

APEX Air Driers

The APEX DryAir range uses regenerative PSA technology to remove water vapour from compressed air. Wet air is directed into one of the two desiccant chambers, where nearly all of the water vapour is removed. A small portion of the laboratory air dryers outlet gas is redirected back through the off-line desiccant chamber, purging it of the accumulated moisture. The drying cycle alternates between the two chambers continuously.

Air Dryer unit is available in a custom enclosure with filtration and buffer tank, or as an OEM module for integration into 3rd party equipment

Dryair MINI
Flow rates of up to 5.1 litres/min

Dryair Midi
Flow rates of up to 370 Litres/minute

Dryair Maxi
Flow rates of up to 100 m 3 h

APEX TOC Gas Generator

The TOC gas generator with Total Organic Carbons (TOC) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) removed is essential for many industrial and laboratory applications, particularly TOC Analysers, and leads to improved process quality, reduced equipment downtime and lower operation costs.

• Ultra-dry air to –40ºC (-40ºF) or -70ºC (-94ºF) ADP
• Flow of up to 4.07 Nm3/hr (67 l/min) at pressures of up to150 psi (10.35 Bar)
• Auto regeneration process
• Non-corroding purge silencer
• Compact and lightweight

Typical Applications:
• Ozone generation feed gas
• Environmental chambers
• Analytical instruments and analysers
• Air bearings, pneumatic motors and actuators
• Spectrometer and optical purging
• Dilution air for emissions monitoring
• NMR, auto samplers and other laboratory applications

APEX Laboratory Hydrogen Generator

APEX laboratory Hydrogen generators use the newest membrane technology for the electrolytic production of pure H2 gas. This technology was preferred over alternative hydrogen generating techniques because it is clean, requires less maintenance and there is no need to store chemicals to maintain operation.

Hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water through a polymer membrane. Only pure water, either distilled or deionised, is required to provide trouble free long-term operation.

Apex CO2 Extractor Range

The Apex CO2 extractor range is used in laboratory or industrial CO and CO2 removal to help with analitical equipment, purging ovens and for protecting sensitive equipment. Laboratory CO2 extraction is very useful in combination with other generators. for further information on your requirements contact us.

Typical Applications:

  • CO2 and moisture removal from analytical and chemical process gases   in industry and the laboratory
  • Dilution air for stack emissions’ monitoring
  • FT-IR, TOC and other laboratory applications