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Stanhope-Seta is a global provider of Laboratory Instruments for quality control, analysis and calibration. With a product portfolio of over 100 testing instruments and 75 years of experience, Stanhope-Seta serves its customers with cutting-edge technology for today fuels & future fuels requirements.

Chemopharm Sdn Bhd as the sole distributor of Stanhope Seta in Malaysia has more than a decade provides its professional sales and after sales service support to customer in oil and gas industries.

SETA Products

Flash Point Tester

Seta Multiflash

PM-93 Pensky Martens

Setaflash Series 3

Setaflash Series 8

Vapour Pressure

Setavap 2

Setavap 3

Crude Oil Testing

Salt in Crude Analyser

Seta Oil Test Centrifuge

Cloud & Pour Point

Seta Cloud and Pour Point Cryostat

Seta Compact Cloud and Pour Point Cryostat

Filter Blocking Tendency

Seta Multi Filtration Tester

Seta Cold Soak Test Bath

Carbon Residue

Micro Carbon Residue Tester

Ramsbottom Carbon Residue


Oxi Solid Block Bath

TOST Dry Block Bath

Seta Oxi-Corrosion Bath


Air Release Value Apparatus

4-Ball & Shear Stability

Seta Shell 4-Ball Lubricant Testers

Viscosity Shear Stability Head

Grease Testing

Stanomatic Dual Grease Worker

Water Washout Tester

Roll Stability Testers

EMCOR Test Machine

Seta Grease Drop Point Oven



In-Line Conductivity Sensor


Setamatic Penetrometer


SetaAnalytics Products

FAME Measurement

FIJI –¬†FAME in Jet, Middle Distillate, Gasoline & Residual Fuel

Particle Counting

Seta AvCount

Seta AvCount Lubes

Seta AvCount 2

Seta AvCount Lite

Seta AvCount Air

Water Separation

Water Separation Instrument

Herschel Emulsifier



H2S Analysis

H2S Analyser with Vapour Phase Processor (VPP)



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